Trevi Pools

For over 46 years, Trevi is the Canadian leader manufacturer of inground and above-ground pools. The Quebec company has always ensured to offer its customers products adhering to strict quality standards in addition to offering a wide range of products for all budgets.

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Cornelius started in 1967, building steel wall and vinyl liner for inground pools. Cornelius entered the above-ground market in 1971, as the demand for more affordable backyard vinyl liner pools increased. We are known for using innovative materials, functional product design, efficient packaging, and eye catching patterns in both liners and walls. Through the years, we have grown from a regional manufacturer into a large international company with sales all across North America and around the world. During this growth we have expanded our manufacturing equipment and facility to meet this demand.

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Radiant Pools

The only structural insulated swimming pool in the industry.

Radiant Pools offer greater structural integrity, limitless installation options, incredible warranty protection and energy savings that, over time, allow this pool to pay for itself.

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Aqua Leader

The Aqua Leader injection molded above ground pool incorporates the latest injection-molding technology, using graphite-reinforced synthetic resin, to provide you with years and years of carefree swimming pleasure.

With synthetic resin you can say good-bye to all the scraping, painting, and other costly chores that go hand in hand with metal frame pools. Synthetic resin is a material that has already proven itself time and again in numerous applications: pool filtration systems, Office equipment, construction, automotive products and aircraft components where strength and durability are absolutely essential.

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